Self care isn’t selfish

The research is in and it’s proven that teacher wellbeing improves students academic outcomes. 

It comes under the same banner as kids (and pets) feed off and project your energy, so if that energy is positive, then your students will be positive, but if it’s negative, then it’s pretty obvious they will be negative too. 


I want you to do a little experiment in the classroom, a pop quiz if you like. Be negative and see how your students react, another time be positive and see how they react then. Observe their behaviours, body language, their work.

That’s why we always have to be “on” even if we don’t feel like it. Even when we are so stressed with the sheer volume of tasks we have to do, we can hardly function.

Being “on” all the time depletes our emotional and mental resources. But we have to do it for our students. We keep giving until all we have left is burnout. 

That’s why you need to look after yourself at all times, not just breaks. You need to have the tools and strategies to get you through the whole year. You need to work on self care like it’s part of the curriculum. Because it is part of your curriculum to be the very best you, so your cup is always full and your students’ outcomes are the best they can be.


Our retreat gives you a much needed break from the stressors of the classroom, but more importantly, the tools to help you manage your stress levels in the classroom too. Because it’s great to feel relaxed and calm when you are on a tropical island, but it won’t help you when the demands of the job create stress. You then need to have a self care regime in place to help you avoid breaking point. We can help you keep your cool, stay happy and positive.


A teacher with a full cup, has much more to give her students.

Leanne xx