What happens if I book the retreat and can’t go?

Up to 4 months before travel: full refund minus a $250 cancellation fee.

4—2 months before travel: there will be a 40% cancellation fee.

Less than 2 months before travel: no refund.


Do I get any free time on the retreat to do my own thing?

Yes, we have reserved the afternoon for you to do your own thing — whether that’s reading your favourite novel on the beach, browsing the beautiful artisan shops, or simply having a nap.


Can I bring a friend who is not a teacher?

Yes of course, but please bear in mind that many of the activities and conversations we’ll be having are related to teaching and teachers.


Why are the retreats only for women?

We want to make a safe, intimate and relaxed environment for you to truly recharge. We want our attendees (and that includes LBTQI women and anyone that identifies as a woman) to recognise the powerful sisterhood that we can offer each other.

We use gendered language in our communication to reflect the women-only retreats, however if are attending or hope to attend a retreat and prefer that we use non-gendered pronouns please feel free to let us know and we will do our best.


What should I pack?

Comfortable clothing for hot climates, short/gym/yoga pants for the bike ride, swimwear is a must, and something to wear out for dinner and maybe dancing (depending on your preference).


How many teachers are there on each retreat?

Each retreat is limited to 20 teachers. This is so that we can all get to know each other easily.


Can I extend my stay either before or after the retreat?

Of course, if you would like to stay in the same hotels we are using on our retreat, please let me know and I can book them for you.


How do I book my flights and travel insurance?

Book online with the airlines and travel insurance companies, or you can go to a travel agent and they can book them for you. I am also happy to help you book online if you contact me.