Sacred sound healing

Ok, to say I was a little sceptical would be accurate. Don’t get me wrong, the idea of sound healing appealed to me, I was just not sure how it could help.  Let’s just say I’m convinced!


Jl Goutama  

Jl Goutama  

The walk from the hotel to Taksu Spa where the sound healing was the usual dodging and weaving until I turned onto Jl. Goutama. The road has been paved, cars and bikes are restricted and all was serene and calm. A good beginning. 

Then I arrived at what can only be described as an oasis in the middle of Ubud. Taksu Spa is full of trees and birds and just deliciously tranquil.  

I’m a little early but happy just to be there. It was raining so I didn’t get any photos of how pretty the gardens are, next time I promise

The sound healing session is in a round room with amazing acoustics. Kate is our instructor and her booth is in the centre of the room and is round also. 



We lay down, head facing the instruments as per eastern practice and we covered our eyes with a weighted bag so we couldn’t open our eyes

The music began. Slowly. The sounds and vibrations from the gongs washed over me, leaving me more deeply relaxed than I can ever remember being. Although falling asleep is encouraged, snoring isn’t, so I didn’t chance Anyhoo, there vibrations from the gongs kept me mesmerised. One of the gongs is calibrated to one of the planets and as unbelievable as it sounds, one of the million or so thoughts that washed through me was of the universe. To me the gong felt like the universe. And this was BEFORE I knew about it’s powers.




The performance that Kate conducted was like a concerto for the body. Sounds and vibrations began slowly, built up to a crescendo, then brought down again with expertise, leaving me feeling light and wonderful. 

I cant wait to go again. 

We are lucky enough have Kate take a sound healing session on our retreat, just so we can be as relaxed as we possibly can.

I’ll introduce you all to Kate next blog

Happy gonging  

Leanne xx