Offerings to the All-In-One-God

Canang Sari is the name of the daily offerings given to the god Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa ( all-in-one-god) thanking them for the peace each day.

These offerings are found almost everywhere, from temples and shrines, to the doorways or thresholds of shops, homes and hotels.


They are made from coconut leaf, betel nut and lime that represents the Brahma (creation), Vishnu (preservation) and Shiva (unity). 

The flowers that top the canang sari aren’t there just for their prettiness either. They each have a symbolic part to play; white petals to the east are for the god Iswara, red flowers to the south are for the god Brahma, yellow to the west for the god Mahadeva and blue or green to the north for the god Vishnu

Placed on top is kepeng (paper coins) and rice or candies. They are well known for feeding the stray dog and cats  



The symbolism of the canang sari is the selfless time that is given by the Balinese to make them. It represents self sacrifice to thank the gods.  I think it’s a beautiful sentiment. 

Knowing the story and symbolism of them makes them all the more special and just one of the customs that draws me back to Bali